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Elisabetta Santoro (Milan, 1980) is a product designer and art consultant based in Brianza.

She graduated in Set Design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and began working as interior designer and decorator in the theater sector, in particular working for important opera houses. These experiences will allow her to develop manual skills that will accompany and also influence her career as a furniture designer.

In 2009 she approaches interior design starting to work for classic furniture companies. Here she has the opportunity to learn in the field the basics of high Brianza craftsmanship, woodworking, styles and decorative techniques in general.


Until 2016 she collaborated with an important design studio that deals with luxury furniture in a contemporary style starting from a reinterpretation of Art Déco. Here she also works on large residential projects in Russia, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and France. With this eclectic background she began her career in 2017 as an independent product designer and as an art consultant, participated in sector competitions and began collaborations also in the textile sector with companies such as Luxury Carpet Studio in 2020.

At the base of her artistic research there is the attempt to express design as a story and never good for itself, a story that can arise from a shape, from the unusual mix of materials and ways of use or from the setting with which the object is proposed.

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