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Raffa Chair designed by Elisabetta Santoro



Flamingo chair with three legs instead of four remind the shape of a flamingo bird, infact the third leg wants to evoke the animal's long neck. 

The leg becomes the backrest of the chair passing through a hole in the seat so that its continuity isn't broken and its elongated shape is emphasized.

Also the choice of materials want to emphasize this verticality.

The use of a light wood like hickory for the seat and the front legs and of a dark walnut for the backrest, has been chosen both because they are elegant wood and also to create a strong contrast between the two elements so that the focus is on the vertical one.

Date: 2018

Client: Personal collection

Design: Elisabetta Santoro

Material: Canaletto Walnut, Hickory

Dimensions: W 50 cm x D 50 cm x H 80 cm 

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