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Frank carpet is inspired by the painting of the homonym artist Frank Stella, exponent of the American Minimalism. This carpet is suitable for contemporary and minimal living both for its geometric lines and for its essential colours such as black and white.

It's produced in India by expert craftsmen with the ancient handknotted technique. This very complex processing, combined with the high density of knots necessary for the good definition of the drawing, make long the times of production, but it's worth waiting for a truly exclusive product.

The finest yarns are used for the realization of Frank carpet, in particular viscose, this one gives to the carpet a shiny finish for a precious and sophisticated look.

The geometric lines may look irregular, but this shouldn't be considered a defect, on the contrary it's an added value, because it's the result of an entirely handcrafted process that made Frank e contemporary work of art, perfect synthesis between design and craftsmanship.

Date: 2022

Design: Elisabetta Santoro

Material: 100% Viscose 

Technique: Handknotted - Density: 100 kts

Dimensions: 170 cm x 230 cm

Weight: 15 kg

Finish: Black and white

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